【Revvity】超音波イメージング機器 Vega:Webinarのご案内





2023/9/27 18:00~18:30Oncological Applications
2023/10/18 18:00~18:30Hepatological Applications
2023/11/29 19:00~19:30Renal Applications
2023/12/13 19:00~19:30Acoustic Angiography




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Oncological Applications

●Imaging sub-cutaneous and orthotopic tumours with the Vega
●Quantify tumour volume with B-Mode tissue imaging
●Measure tumour vascularity in minutes with Acoustic Angiography (AA)
●Track changes in tumours longitudinally
●Limits of tumour detection, and validation against MRI

Hepatological Applications

●Using the Vega to non-invasively tap into different stages of liver disease
●progressionClinical translation: Imaging mouse liver the same way as you would a patient liver in the clinic
●Non-invasive assessment of steatosis and fibrosis in minutes (and validation against gold standards)
●Hepatocellular carcinomas (HCC): Tracking tumours as small as 1mm

Renal Applications

●High-throughput hands-free scanning: Imaging both kidneys in 1 minuteVisualise renal
●vasculature: High-throughput assessment with Acoustic Angiography
●Versatile measurement approaches: 1D, 2D, and 3D regions of interest (ROIs)
●Validation of high-throughput scanning against ex vivo and in vivo gold standards
●Assessing renal stiffness with Shear Wave Elastography (SWE)

Acoustic Angiography

●Visualise Microvasculature Like Never before with Acoustic Angiography!Watch Dr. Paul
●Dayton give an overview of the history of the technology behind Acoustic Angiography, in his talk “Acoustic Angiography: A Powerful Research Tool for 3D Non-invasive Imaging of Microvascular Networks”